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Jackdaw (2024)

Movie Jackdaw (2024)
Real Title Jackdaw
Rating 4.3
Aired 2024-01-26
Duration 97 Min
Languages ENGLISH
Quality Bluray
Subtitle NA
Sources IMDB | TMDB


United Kingdom


Action, Drama, Crime, Thriller


Anton, Never Sleep Pictures


Oliver Jackson-Cohen, Jenna Coleman, Thomas Turgoose, Joe Blakemore, Rory McCann, Allan Mustafa


Jamie Childs


Jamie Childs


Taglines: Leave your old baggage at the door


brother brother relationship


A former motocross champion and army veteran, now caring for his younger brother. Broke, he agrees to do an open water pick up of a mysterious illegal package in the North Sea. A resulting double cross and his brother’s disappearance set him and his old bike on a violent nocturnal odyssey through England’s northern rust belt.



Author: screenzealots
There is a lot to like about indie action thriller “Jackdaw,” from its bold visuals, strong lead performance, and inventive action scenes. The bones for a wickedly successful film are there, but writer/director Jamie Childs can’t quite get a hand on the character development and related emotional weight that’s so desperately needed. It takes such a long time to get going that I was disengaged before the movie even hit the 20 minute mark. That’s why the movie feels as though it’s designed to keep viewers at a distance, which is its downfall. Set in coastal England over the course of a single night, former motocross champion and Army veteran Jack Dawson (Oliver Jackson-Cohen) returns to his hometown to care for his brother Simon (Leon Harrop) after their mother dies. Jack wants to start a new life and provide for his sibling, so he jumps at the chance to take a job for Silas (Joe Blakemore), an old friend who is now a criminal. The simple task of picking up a mysterious package becomes a total nightmare after Jack is betrayed and Simon is kidnapped. This leads the man to a violence-fueled nocturnal odyssey as he searches for answers and fights to survive. There’s very little plot to speak of, and the sparse story line really shows. There is a lot of repetitive filler, especially with the multiple scenes of characters at raves, and the story takes a long time to get going. The action sequences fare better, with entertaining and creative fights. The inclusion of everything from jet skis, horses, motorcycles, and boats make this feel like a chapter out of a male extreme dream. The problem is, none of this ever develops into any meaningful care or attachment to the characters. Jackson-Cohen has a terrific leading man quality, and he is appealing as the flawed, emotional Jack. He completely sells the action scenes too, which is no small feat. Maybe this is because Childs often confuses too-rapid pacing with excitement, because at times the action is hurled at the audience way too rapidly. He also has an awful tendency to overuse shaky cam (which is never, ever a pleasant experience for the viewer). The movie is visually appealing and Childs’ direction is skilled, if flawed. If you’re into indie thrillers, “Jackdaw” may be one that’s worth checking out simply for the action. I found no emotional investment in the story or characters, so it just didn’t work for me. By: Louisa Moore

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