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Flex x Cop All Seasons

Flex x Cop
Series Flex x Cop
Real Title 재벌X형사
Rating 8.1
Ep/Seasons 16/2
Aired 2024-01-26 to 2024-03-23
Duration 60 Min
Types Scripted
Languages Korean (ko)
Sources IMDB | TMDB


Crime, Drama, Mystery, Chinese Shows, K Drama




South Korea


BA Entertainment, Big Ocean ENM, Studio S


Ahn Bo-hyun, Park Ji-hyun, Kang Sang-jun, Kim Shin-bi, Kwak Si-yang, Lee Jin-hee


Kim Jae-hong


Kim Ba-da


relationship, private detective, responsibility, best friends, chaebol


Taglines: Money vs money. Power vs power.


A chaebol cop joins forces with a gritty detective to take down criminals with a touch of wealth and a whole lot of wit.



Author: MovieGuys
I'm genuinely surprised by the low rating for Flexxcop. I can only surmise its mediocre rating is from viewers who read the blurb about the series but never took the time, to watch it. Yes, on the surface it comes across as a romantic drama but its hardly that at all. In fact, its predominantly a dark comedy, crime drama and quite a good one, at that. Crime tales are well told and the goofy antics of the entitled, rich, police officer, are actually pretty funny. Its almost got a Korean Magnum PI vibe (the original series not the crummy remake), if that makes sense. Above average acting rounds out what is shaping up to be a really decent series. In summary, far more a crime drama with a dash of dark humour, than a romantic comedy. Well worth a look.

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