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Raised by Wolves All Seasons

Raised by Wolves
Series Raised by Wolves
Real Title Raised by Wolves
Rating 7.6
Ep/Seasons 18/2
Aired 2020-09-03 to 2022-03-17
Duration 50 Min
Types Scripted
Languages English (en)
Sources IMDB | TMDB


Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Drama, English Web Series, All Web Series, English Tv Shows, All Shows, Kids Shows, Teen Drama




South Africa, United Kingdom, United States of America


Scott Free Productions, Film Afrika, Lit Entertainment Group, Shadycat Productions


Amanda Collin, Abubakar Salim, Winta McGrath, Niamh Algar, Travis Fimmel, Jordan Loughran


Alex Gabassi, Luke Scott, Lukas Ettlin, Ernest R. Dickerson


Aaron Guzikowski, Karen Campbell, Jon Worley, Donald Joh


android, space colony, post-apocalyptic future, distant future


Taglines: Sacrifice for survival.


After Earth is ravaged by a great religious war, an atheistic android architect sends two of his creations, Mother and Father, to start a peaceful, godless colony on the planet Kepler-22b. Their treacherous task is jeopardized by the arrival of the Mithraic, a deeply devout religious order of surviving humans.



Author: GenerationofSwine
Oh good gracious, I really don't know what happened here. The concept is great. I've never been the type that hates on religion, unlike most atheists, I can see the historical value of it and how it lends itself to developing civilization, culture, all the things we take for granted... however, YES, I am down with the idea of religious extremists as the bad guys in a science fiction show. That seems like a great concept with a lot of content to explore. And, honestly, I loved the idea of humans being raised by robots, as an endangered species, with that clashing with the fundamental religious nut jobs. That seems like a FANTASTIC idea for a science fiction show, and the first episode alone you see the acting is simply phenomenal. The androids even behave a little like Alexis... "Would you like to hear a joke?" You would think this is going to be an epic sci-fi show. And then THEY DID NOTHING WITH IT!!!! Like literally nothing. Nothing at all. The concept is so ripe it's almost bursting with material the writers can play with... and they don't. No exploration whatsoever, just one event after another that is void of any philosophical statements, any exploration of what could happen. It's just events and nothing deeper. And the worst part about it is the concept was open for something fun and imaginative to happen.

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